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Developing Baseball and Team Skills for the Youth of our Community

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Pete Jascot is returning as the 2014 Junior League Coordinator. Pete has previously served as the coordinator for Pee Wee’s, Minors and Majors through his tenure on the Ringwood Baseball Board.  

Pete has coached at all level or Ringwood Baseball, and has two sons who were players for the Lakeland Regional High School Varsity  Baseball Team.  
Pete can be reached at ?

Pete has been a member of the Ringwood Baseball Board of Directors since 1999, and served as Board President from 2004 though 2007.

The Junior League is for our 13 and 14 year old players.  This year there are (TBD) Junior League teams.  Click on the team name below for a link to individual team schedules.

Junior League Junior League Coordinator

Starting with the Minor League, all pitchers are limited to pitching an age appropriate pitch limit per day, with required days of rest after pitching.  The guideline for the minor league is listed below

Maximum Pitches Per Day:    95 pitches

Rest Day Requirements:

66 or more pitches, 4 days rest required.
51-65 pitches, 3 days rest required.
36-50 pitches, 2 days rest required.
21-35 pitches, 1 day rest required
1-20 pitches, no rest day required.

Junior League Pitch Count Rules